Specialized Services

Helicopters are versatile and therefore utilized in many fields such as aerial photography, crop spraying, game capture and more. As a result of this versatility coupled with our experienced pilots and staff we can provide you with the best service. By tailoring it specifically to your needs we can offer your company an effective and efficient platform only achievable with the use of a helicopter.
Some of the specialized services we currently provide:

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography

JNC Helicopters is involved in a number of on-going still and video camera filmwork projects. We have been utilized for tourism development along the coastline, harbour and city. As a stills platform for construction and development sites wishing to track their progress. Or for that perfect angle on the intense cycling, running, canoeing and horse race sporting events. Our team has many years of active experience in aerial photography and look forward to working with you.

Crop Spraying

Aerial helicopter spraying is often the safest, fastest and most effective way of spraying, particularly where terrain is not level. Helicopters such as the Robinson R22 or Robinson R44 are most suited for aerial spraying. They are fast, maneuverable and can access areas which are normally difficult for other aerial applicators to reach. The down-wash of the rotor blades also help with better and more accurate penetration of the chemicals. With these benefits your crops and fields will thrive thanks to the aviation industry.

Should you require any crop spraying services or information contact our crop spraying division Ross Air.

Vehicle Tracking

In the past the search for your stolen vehicle was accomplished on the ground. With the introduction of the helicopter into vehicle tracking the success rate of finding your stolen vehicle increased dramatically. As a result vehicles are more easily identified and ground response teams directed more effectively producing better results. JNC Helicopters has played an integral part for many years in vehicle tracking and has enjoyed a high success rate of recovery. 


Aerial hoisting and lifting

Most noteworthy of a helicopter is its ability to carry a load suspended underneath which has provided a viable option of transporting heavy and large loads to difficult to reach places. 

With this ability, moving multiple loads between points became more efficient and cost effective due to the faster turn around and loading times. JNC Helicopters can provide you with a lifting/undersling service ranging from moving fuel drums to offshore hauls, construction site tasks in different terrains, power line inspections and more.

Charity Work

Charity flights

We are fortunate to be able to enjoy the wonders of flight but some do not have this privilege. JNC Helicopters is proud of its work that it does with Reach for a Dream, East coast radios "Big favour" and other charity organisations to share our passion with those less fortunate. We will continue to do so because we believe flying should be something everyone is able to experience.