JNC Helicopters is proud to offer our exceptional standard of training to our fellow aviation enthusiasts. Approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, we deliver safe and professional pilots into the aviation world. The training courses are of the highest quality, evident by our long history of training some of South Africa’s most experienced pilots to date.

With a dedicated team of experienced instructors and staff, we are here to provide you with a personal, friendly and exciting training experience. Our well maintained aircraft fleet, beautiful coastline and uncongested training grounds are available to you throughout the year. This makes JNC Helicopters the ideal place to learn to be a pilot.  

For the international students we encourage taking advantage of South Africa's sunny climate, affordable fees and warm friendly culture. We will happily assist you in arranging your accommodation, car hire and ensure that you are looked after whilst you are learning to fly with us.

Whether you wish to be a pilot for private use, or wish to make a career out of flying, we at JNC Helicopters are here for you. Please see our extensive training options and requirements below.

Private Pilot Licence


  • Be at least 17 years old to test for the licence
  • Hold a valid Student Pilot License
  • Hold a Class II medical certificate
  • Hold a Restricted Radio License (acquired through us)
  • Successfully pass 8 online PPL examinations. 75% pass mark (exam center at JNC)
  • Complete an English Language Proficiency Test
  • Must have completed a minimum of 50 hours flight time as a Pilot of which 25 hours must be dual, 15 hours Solo and at least 5 hours cross country

What you can do with it

The PPL licence is ideal for the passionate aviator who is looking to enjoy the wonders of flight and escape their earthly bonds. You will be able to fly passengers around but not as a form of income. For those wishing to become a pilot as a career this is the first step towards your commercial licence.


Commercial Pilot Licence


  • Be at least 18 years old to test for the licence
  • Hold a valid Private Pilot Licence
  • Hold a Class I medical certificate
  • Hold a General Radio Licence (acquired through us)
  • Successfully pass 8 online CPL examinations. 75% pass mark (Completed at the CAA)
  • Must have completed a minimum of 200 hours flying time as a Pilot of which 100 hours must be Pilot in Command time and 20 hours of cross country flying.
  • Complete a CPL General Flight Test in an aircraft with a Grade I Designated Flight Examiner

What you can do with it

This Commercial Pilots Licence is for those who wish to be a Pilot as a career choice. With this licence completed you are well on your way to achieving your dream. You will be able to earn an income by transporting passengers and by completing additional ratings perform various other types of work. See our ratings section for what else we offer.



As a qualified commercial pilot one has the ability to do certain types of work applicable to your licence. On top of this additional ratings can be acquired which will allow you as the pilot to do even more specialized operations. These specialized ratings can greatly improve your employment opportunities and carry you further into an already exciting career. Below are some of the extra ratings JNC Helicopters has on offer:

Night Rating - This rating allows you to be able to fly the helicopter at night. Required by some types of operations and your instrument rating

Instructor Rating - A great rating for a new commercial pilot to do to increase employment opportunities. This rating gives you the ability to teach upcoming aviators.

Turbine Rating - To fly more advanced and bigger aircraft a turbine conversion on the aircraft is required. JNC Helicopters offers students the option of moving on to these aircraft and receiving their type rating with our training program.

Game Capture rating - For the pilots looking to operate in the animal sector. This rating is a must before you can begin capturing or culling wild game.

Agricultural Rating - To specialize in the operations of crop spraying a pilot will require this rating before being able to perform the required tasks.

Instrument Rating - A rating that is most beneficial for later in a pilot's career. This rating allows one to fly in foul weather conditions and is often a requirement for advanced machines flown later in one's career.


Welcome Foreign Students!

We understand you have different needs that require extra attention, especially from us. Our students come from, not only, South Africa but South/North America, Europe, Australasia and many countries across the African continent. So, wherever you are from, we will be here to assist you and make your stay a most enjoyable experience.

The South African Civil Aviation Authority is an ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) member, and flight training conducted in South Africa will count towards your requirements for JAA and FAA countries. South Africa boasts the second oldest air force in the world and is widely respected for the quality of its training and theoretical standards.This, coupled with the excellent flying weather conditions, and the high rate of exchange on the South African Rand (which makes your training costs very competitive) really makes South Africa, Durban, an ideal choice for your training school.

Due to the location of JNC Helicopters at Virginia Airport, Durban, everything you may require is in close proximity. From the many restaurants in the area offering delicious local and exotic food for all tastes and cultures. To the modern shopping centres such as Gateway or Pavilion which offer an unequaled choice of world class retail and recreational activities. If keeping fit is your thing there are numerous gyms available or stunning beachfront promenades for those early morning runs. Durban also has excellent Hospitals & Medical Centres so medical care will never be too far away.

In your spare time take advantage of our excellent beaches, numerous game reserves or inland excursions and huge variety of sporting activities. The Durban coastline is ideal for surfing, kite boarding, fishing, scuba diving, spear fishing or just simply snorkelling. We are always available to answer your questions and with so much to offer we look forward to hearing from you soon!