Company Overview

Almost 15 years ago JNC Helicopters entered into the world of aviation. Starting out with humble beginnings and based on the beautiful KwaZulu Natal coast line, the pilots flocked and the helicopters soared. The company quickly grew into one of the top service providers and flight training schools in Durban. Due to the goal of becoming the best Aviation needs provider, the team tackled the task of accomplishing this with vigor. The flying Bug had bitten.

As the fleet grew, the experience developed and the world’s need for helicopters increased so did JNC Helicopters expertise. From game capture, vehicle tracking, aerial photography, Eskom power line inspection and EMS flying, to just name a few, JNC took to the skies. All that knowledge learnt being filtered down to the upcoming future pilots in the already flourishing training school. The passion and desire for flight evident in the JNC team, was proving that the sky clearly did not belong only to the birds, but to the pilots as well.

 JNC Helicopters recently partnered with one of the top Aviation providers in the country, Acher Aviation, increasing the already high standard of safety and experience on offer. With this partnership established, the future has only but improved with even greater standards and goals to strive for. Our highly qualified and passionate pilots set JNC Helicopters apart from the rest. JNC Helicopters is “Where your dreams take flight”.

Meet the Team

Oliver Peacock

Andrew Abernethy
Chief Flight Instructor

Travis McGregor
Quality Manager

Ashley Mkhungo
Safety Officer

Benoit de Fleuriot
Flight Operations

Veronica Bouwer